The Intombi Workshop



The Intombi Workshop is a grass roots organisations aimed at empowering the students of Marian RC  Girls High School through an ongoing arts and mentorship programme.  The organisation offers an arts programme centralized around the socially relevant themes affecting young women in the disenfranchised communities of Elsies River, Langa and Khayelitsha who attend Marian High. This is a platform for self-expression and self-development to benefit learner’s personal growth, confidence, and address social development needs.

In addition to this, Intombi offers a mentorship programme where each student is partnered with a mentor.  Mentors offer career advice and assist learners with career research. Mentors serve as good role- models as all are accomplished young women and offer the learners positive affirmation and guidance.

The Intombi Workshop is the brainchild of Kelly-Eve Koopman, Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius and Danielle Alheit. It was founded in 2013 and continues to run successfully.

The students at Marian RC Girls High School working with the Animal Barn Project

The students at Marian RC Girls High School working with The Intombi Workshop 


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