I’m about politics.

I’m about pussy.

I’m about the politics of pussy.

I’m about social development.

I’m about social interactions.

I’m about hip hop.

I’m about using colloquialisms till I die to make my thoughts accessible.

I’m about revolution.

I’m about a big “FUCK YOU” to discrimination.

I’m about that vegan life.

I’m about activism in all forms.

I’m about dicks when I’m curious.

I’m about brown girl pride.

I’m about girl power, regardless of race.

I’m about REAL reconciliation. REAL RECONCILIATION. #letstalk

I’m about talking about shit that matters to my country. #letstalk

I’m about making our constitution a reality for all South Africans. #letswork

I’m about speaking the TRUTH even if my voice shakes.

I’m about love.

I’m about owning my sexuality.

I’m about staying on my 4/20 always. #blessings

I’m about being queer and the struggle of my queer family.

I’m about poetry.

I’m about learning.

I’m about teaching.

I’m about education.

I’m about my family.

I’m about friendship.

I’m about supporting those who are trying to make a difference.

I’m ALL about self love. SELF LOVE SELF LOVE SELF LOVE #kanye

I’m about looking fresh. #sartorialpride

I’m ALL about hard work (recently).

I’m about getting turnt with my brasse. #moderation

I’m all about forgiveness.

I’m all about believing in you, if you believe in you too.

I’m about being cheesy but sincere.

I’m about  them hashtags.

I’m about  Animal Barn.

I’m about Dope Saint Jude.

I’m about my projects.

I’m about MY “God”.

I’m about my business, SON.



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